Water Cyclone Air Filters

Catch 99.3% of all air particles 

(mechanical, biological and chemicals)

in your R&D Labs, Production and Storage premises 

Stand-alone, Retro-fit or New installations

Zero Maintenance Costs


Maintenance cost is close to zero as there are no interchangeable elements.

Self-cleaning feature

(Semi or fully-automated)

Catch all

Bacteria & Viruses

Catches all viruses, bacteria, and aroma particles as those are the lightest particles, residing at over 94%.

2 Certified Laboratories reports 99.3% - 99.9%.

Consumes less electrical energy ...

Versus the finest mechanical filters since it works with constant low level of resistance (typical for water cyclone technologies).

Meet our Innovative Technology

Clean air is essential for

R&D Labs, Pharma, Fine electronics, Robotics, Kinetics, 3D/Bio-printing, Nano, Medical &Dental,

Cosmetics, Food & Beverage manufacturers

One of them?

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Filters can be retro-fit to existing installations
or Stand-alone